Application Zoom Issues | v2.4.0

Damn annoying that it now zooms in every time you select Add Enhancement, and save, would be good if you could turn this feature OFF. V.2.4.0.

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It zooms in every time on one part of the image, I’m trying to view the image as a whole. Please make this adjustable. It’s very frustrating.

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When upscaling (my preference remains set to Autopilot), I always apply it to the entire image so I can zoom in/out without having to re-upscale. With the recent updates, I now experience continued upscaling when I zoom in. This is a real time suck and disruptive.

Every time I make any edits to my photos, it zooms back to what the AI wants, not to what I want. I have zoomed out all of my photos, but it automatically zooms in. If I zoom all the way out and make an edit, it will zoom back in. Please allow us the ability to lock or put a preference in settings to zoom out and keep it that way.

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Yes! This drives me nuts. I’ll have an image view on “fit” in order to see the entire thing and whenever I switch to another image the first image will return to 100% and re-Enhance and make you sit and wait. The previous versions didn’t have this issue. This change, coupled with the much longer processing times for the V2s is maddening.


Whenever I open TPAI, the highlight rectangle selection is stuck in the upper left corner. It used to default to a center location. Is there a way to select where I want the rectangle selection to be by default or revert it to the center of the image?

Topaz Photo AI v 2.4.0 on Mac


Latest update 2.4.0 applied today, but now on smaller images, where I don’t need a huge upscale or even an upscale at all, and where the image would then be smaller than the ‘fit to frame’ size, I don’t have the option to view at 100% (if I click it, nothing happens). The image fit’s to frame which makes it larger and blurry, so it is then very hard to second guess how the enhancements will affect the image.
Please fix asap. This was not an issue in any previous versions for me.


I want Photo AI to globally use “zoom to fit” as standard for all windows. But I cannot find the setting.

Currently I need to manually set “zoom to fit” for each picture opened, one by one, over and over again, … annoying.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. checked preferences for setting - not found
  2. checked menu for setting - not found (well, found to change individual ‘View’ but not globally)

Topaz Photo AI 2.4.0 on Windows 10

Yes that would be a good feature. Also I would like to see Zoom to 100% as this is my favourite setting.

My version of Topaz Photo AI is v2.4.0 , after i update my software to this version i loss the ability
to see the picture in its 100% scale

The second issue is that i do not see any more the possibility to sand you the image for review.


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Version 2.4.1 has many changes which are making this version worse than it’s predecessors…

The zoom cannot be fixed to 100%. Any changes made to the image size affects the zoom, therefore the view changes the zoom like 100 → 50% or 100 → 200%, etc. Once a zoom level selected, the app must retain the zoom value.

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