Apple Silicon M1/M2 (Pro, Max, Ultra) VideoAI Performance — Neural Engine or GPU?

I am curious to understand whether Topaz VideoAI relies on the Neural Engine or GPU. I’ve got M1 Mac minis and an M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16". Apple’s M2 generation improves Neural Engine performance by 40%, and increases the GPU core counts up to 38 cores in the M2 Max CPU (I guess M2 Ultra may come with up to 74 cores Real Soon Now™).

I’m in the market for a new Mac. If VideoAI relies primarily on the Neural Engine, which is the same across M2/M2 Pro/M2 Max, then I’m not going to get any additional performance improvement from spending more money on the more capable chips. A base MacBook or Mac mini would do the trick. But if VideoAI is GPU-driven, then it makes sense to go for the 38-core M2 Max or even to wait for M2 Ultra and its 74 cores.

Any insights to offer? Can anyone offer any comparisons in FPS improvements between different versions of Apple Silicon?

Same here. I want to see video AI performance on entry level and high spec M2 hardware.