Apple Photos saving fails - still not fixed

Topaz Labs please fix the widely reported and long standing bug when saving an edited image back in Apple Photos. It’s been posted about enough already but the problem is unanswered and the threads are closed but the issue is still there.

It’s not worth updating my subscription if basic bugs like this get unresolved. I will just find alternatives that work

This issue is only happening when RAW file is sent to Topaz Photo AI through the Apple Photos plugin.

If you would like to roll back to v2.4.2

No, I don’t use Raw files. It happens to unedited photos that you open in Topaz. They never are able to be saved once sent back to Photos. It’s infuriating, editing a photo only for it not to be saved. It’s been going on for months. I have seen lots of posts on it so I thought it would get fixed but it’s just staying there.

A bit more love for Mac apps please :slight_smile: Final cut support for Video AI would be great too!