Apple m1 vs. m2 How fast?

I’m using m1 MacMini now, is it worth buying m2 MacMini?

No comparison video or data found.
Do you happen to know any data?

Have you checked out the YouTube videos by ArtisRight? He has tested the M1 and M2 chips using various photographic software.
As a casual user, I am happy with my M1 Mini, which I have had for a couple of years. I see no reason to replace it for the time being. I think benchmark tests indicate a 15-20% speed increase going from M1 to M2, but there is now way of knowing how that would impact TPAI.

This thread has some info you may find useful.

A quick update. Artisright has just posted a video comparing M1, M2 etc, using photographic software. It should help you reach a decision.