All Topaz Plugins crash Adobe Beta Photoshop 25.9.0

Have been using Topaz AI, Gigapixel beta and AI on all prior versions of Photoshop beta but this week 25.9.0 was released but would crash at the splash screen. After troubleshooting I noted that if I disabled all the Topaz plug-ins at startup by Shift Click on the PS icon it starts normally.

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Step 1 click on PS Beta 25.9.0 icon splash screen crashes

  2. Step 2 Shift Click PS Beta 25.9.0 icon…PS starts normally without All Topaz plug-ins

  3. Step 3 Say bad words because PS without Topaz products is not good!

Topaz Photo AI [v3] on [Windows]

I’m having trouble with 25.9 crashing on start-up, and this is “cured” by pressing shift-click to start and deactivate all plug-ins. The complication is that if I remove Topaz plug-ins, as per Adobe’s instructions, then PS still crashes.
I have multiple other plug-ins, including the Nik suite and a few more obscure ones. I think this problem is more complicated than just Topaz.

I am having the same problem…disabling the plug-ins is not a long term solution. I do think Adobe is aware as it indicates that topaz plug-ins are not the real issue…it indicates that all plug-ins are not working in this new version.

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