AI Error

After upgrading to v3.2.3, I can’t render any videos. Whenever I try to render a video or view a preview of a video, it gets stuck between downloading model/loading model for ho
urs until it finally gives me an AI error.

I’m running an Intel i9-11900KF with 64GB memory and an Nvidia 3080 Ti. I’ve attached a screenshot of the error and the log files.
AI Error
logsForSupport.tar.gz (35.6 KB)

Hi @roldog this is not a bug but is an indication that an error is occurring. Unfortunately, the error shown in your logs is not clear. Please reproduce the issue a few times and then send your logs and your full system profile via Support.

No problem. I’ll generate a system report using HWInfo, try rendering a few different types of video files, and send them to you. Thank you very much for the quick response.

The only other issue I’ve ever had with Topaz Video AI was back when it was still called Video Enhance AI, but sending me an Alpha version of the software seemed to fix whatever problem that was as the time. Hopefully you can figure this out.

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