After my latest update the Export area doesn't show that it is exporting anything. No feedback at all

After I installed the latest update the export area doesn’t show any response to clicking on it. None, whatsoever. Although last night I converted a video and it did do it although it didin’t show me that it did. I just saw the file that it created. Today, I can’t tell that it is doing anything at all.

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I have nearly same issue.
Mostly I have to switch to Previews tab and then back to Exports to see exports.

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Yep - same with me. Topaz - get your act together! It’s unacceptable to plug us with this upgrade, and then give us this buggy update that you still haven’t fixed.
What Artur suggested does seem to work though - just switch back and forth from ‘Previews’ to ‘Exports’ tab and the progress bar comes back.

The team is aware of this issue and is working to resolve it as quickly as they can. I will try and update as soon as I have more word on when a patch or solution is available.

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Is it possible to request a new model type? I would love to see a model that brightens dark videos.

You can make a post over in the Ideas section and then other users can vote on it for the devs to see.