Affinity Photo Topaz AI saves file where?

I am using the (new to me) Topaz AI with Affinity Photo 2. I am invoking AI from the AP Filters menu as a plugin.

After working with my image, I click “Save to Affinity Photo” as that is the only option I have to save my work.

I cannot find the resultant image. The image in the AP workspace is not updated, I search for the file in my filespace but it is not found.

Where did Topaz put it?

I use Topaz Sharpen & Denoise in the same manner. They work successfully. That is, they return me to AP when I press the “Apply” button, and the image is updated.

In AI the “Apply” button is replaced by “Save to Affinity Photo” and I can find no option in Preferences or anywhere else to specify a destination.


BTW, I updated all Topaz to their most recent releases. The issue persists.

Also, Save to Affinity Photo is the only option I have to get out of Topaz AI. This is a licensed version. But there is no Cancel or Save option.

As it is a plug-in there is no Save/Save as available and to Cancel just hit the exit “x” top right of the window on Windows to cancel, or the equivalent if you are on Mac.

The image in the workspace should be updated if you choose save to AP. Make sure that you have passed a layer to Photo AI that has been rasterized.

It does work for me on windows 11 with v2.1 of AP.

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Hi @jdkinne, did you still need help with this or were you able to get changes to appear by making sure the layer is rasterized?

it was rasterized to begin with. I saw no sharpened image when I returned to AP2.

@jdkinne If the photo is not round-tripping, let’s re-establish the connection between the two apps.

Please close Affinity fully and then follow the instructions in this article to redownload the plugin:

Let me know if that works.

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