Affinity Photo to Studio and Back?

Hi, Could not see a forum section for this type of question so…
Is it possible or how do I export from Affinity Photo to the Topaz Studio and then Studio to open the image back in Affinity Photo or can it even be done? Many Thanks, Russ.


You will need to set up Affinity Photo to recognise the directory where the plugins are. In this case, as you can see in the screenshot, my Topaz Program directories for both Studio and older Plugins are on my D: drive. In your case you will need to add the directory(s) in the Photoshop Plugins in the Preferences but you will also need to select the checkbox to Allow “Unknown” plugins to be used.

After adding the plugin directories exit an restart to activate. Make sure that any image you are editing has been rasterized as ‘image’ type cannot be edited.

PLEASE NOTE: There are inconsistencies where if a portrait orientation image is passed it will appear as a landscape image but it will display correctly when returned to AP.

Hi, Thankyou for your reply.
Yes I have already done this and can export from AP to Topaz Studio but what I cannot see to do is get Topaz to send the image/s back to AP as for example Photoshop or Lightroom export to a plugin make edits and would re-import the image with edits back into Photoshop or Lightroom I beleive normally as an additional layer. Thankyou, Russ.

Doesn’t happen for Photoshop either unless you create a copy of the layer and send that. Same as in PS use Ctrl+J and send the newly created layer.

Hi, found out how to do what I was looking for if you ever need to.although I would send a copy.


I’m really not sure what you are asking now as ReMask has nothing to do with what you said in your initial post.

If you want to use ReMask from Affinity Photo see this thread: