Adjust AI giving terrible results

So, use Classic then. Or create AI pre-sets that agree with you. If you expect it to magically work to your tastes with no work at all then you will be disappointed, as obviously you are. However, all your whining won’t make the devs fix it if they don’t want to. Legacy Adjust users got Adjust-AI for free, so use it or don’t use it would be my suggestion.

You probably mistake me with somebody else! Your attitude is insulting from the beginning. You don’t have to tell me anything about what I have to do. Who do you think you are “The Forum Police”?
Go elsewhere and stop wasting peoples energy with your cynical way of responding to serious problems.

Ok, keep complaining if you wish and see where it gets you…carry on.

The problem is that artificial intelligence can actually not work in image processing.
The tastes are very different, but the AI is probably fed with pictures that correspond to the current mass taste (Instagram, etc.).
And then pictures are just too high in contrast (Adjust AI) or completely over-sharpened (Denoise AI).
I see it as critically as the topic starter and prefer to use the old Topaz apps again.


Totally agree- don’t use Adjust AI for various reasons, primarily I can’t get the fine results that I can with the old Adjust plugin. To me Adjust AI is a significant downgrade.