Adjust AI giving terrible results

Can I have both plug-ins loaded? or just one?

Can’t speak for the others, but I have (first Topaz filter I ever purchased). So, your assumption was based on…???

Nothing regarding Adjust-AI precludes you from using the old Legacy Adjust. You can utilize either or both. Isn’t choice wonderful?

Here’s a test…

Of these two 1-click auto-adjustments, one being Adjust-AI, which would you choose? ie 1 or 2?

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I like number 1 because of it’s warm organic light and think 2 has no character and is very cold.

But it all depends how they are edited in the particular version AI or Classic!

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jgr00ms2 My assumption was based on nobody saying that had used it. Did I miss someone saying that?
Great, I’m happy I can use both.

I agree, number 1.

An answer to a question that nobody really asked. As you now know, the presumption was incorrect.

Most cold vs warm issues can typically be addressed with a few tweaks; color temp, etc.

I agree that a picture can be warmed up with just a small shift in color temperature toward yellow.
As a comparison I did the original picture in Aurora HDR (Skylum). It did the adjustment automatically and I slightly moved the Warm temperature slider only. It does very well with multi exposures and RAW photos.

This shows what the AI is doing no intervention from me “Standard” all color is gone in the background:

Preset in Classic “Brilliant Warm” no tweaking:

Original RAW image developed in Capture One 20:

Adjust Classic Preset: “Brilliant Warm” no tweaking looks good to me:

Adjust AI Processed on “Standard” no tweaking see the background (totally black trees etc.) and colors look terrible

jgr00ms2JLGBeta Tester

The problem is that the AI part of the app is a joke! Even with an image like this I made the other week it doesn’t know how to interpret the background. If the AI part was doing it’s job well you don’t have to slide the opacity slider down or tweak anything! And if you need to tweak AI further it’s the worst tweaking I ever encountered. Here the Classic Adjust stands out big time!

I do batch image processing for the websites I make and can’t be busy with every single image I make.

I suspect some of the AI Apps are for camera-phone only people.

Those with a bit of nous and learning are still keen on legacy Topaz, particularly Adjust!

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Naturally, if you select a preset that is designed to make an image look warm you will get, surprise, a warm image. You can actually do the same thing with Adjust-AI once you make the pre-set correctly. But, I’m not exactly clear where your complaint lies. If you prefer Legacy Adjust, then use Legacy Adjust. I can quickly get the result I want with Adjust-AI, but typically it’s only one-step toward the goal, not a one-stop-shop. That much I agree with.

PS If what you want is quick auto-adjust hands-off batch-processing, there is another product out there that can do that and is currently free (because it’s development is also frozen). It’s the one you picked above (number-1). PM me if interested and I’ll tell you the name if you can’t guess.

Thank you AllMediaLab for the link. It worked perfectly and I have Adjust 5 back!!

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That is not the case with, surprise! Adjust AI!

If I load an image in Adjust AI and choose any preset it looks horrible and when you use the AI Standard
or HDR even worse. This post is not about automatic processing, but the fact that Adjust AI doesn’t work proper. The AI doesn’t work. Of course you can adjust it by hand, but then the adjustments section in Adjust Classic is superieur compare to AI.

Can you explain me when you look at the 3 images examples I posted for you with the white chicken what the AI (artificial intelligence) is doing on image 3 and why it looks so horrible?

Sounds like Adjust-AI just doesn’t work for you. Perhaps @AiDon can help you out.

It has nothing do do with me. You can see the images for your self. The result is garbage on image 3.
Why because it doesn’t work proper. Even your Balloon image I processed with Adjust AI looks bad.
It proves that the AI doesn’t function and I only tested the AI of the app by clicking “standard”.

Image three of the chicken has higher color sat and the whites are whiter but I don’t understand why you say it looks horrible. I have excellent color vision and it looks pretty good to me. I like images with a bit more punch. I think the idea behind AI is that it will take an image that is not adjusted (such as RAW) and do most of the adjusting for you. The additional adjustments are for user preferences which nothing can adjust for.

I use two EIZO CG279X-BK 27 inch monitors calibrated for images and see all the trees in the background turn almost black. The whole background pops out like crazy I think the 2th and 1th image are more in balance. And much more pleasant to look at. 3th image tires the eye.