Additional preferences for autopilot

in the Edit/Preferences/Autopilot there’s already a useful set of prefs:

Could you add
-Remove Noise model (disabled, auto, normal, strong)
-Sharpen model (disabled, auto, standard, strong)
[that could even coexist with the existing “enable when detected blur is”…]
-Enhance Resolution model (disabled, auto, standard, high fidelity, graphics, low resolution)

That would be a great way to control, what models one wants to use. If everything is kept to auto, it will do the exact same thing as now. But If I know that all of my images are based on graphics and I don’t want to remove noise, then I can set that preference. And even the CLI would use that preference.

Thanks a lot in advance for considering!

I agree with this idea. Now that other models have been introduced, add the ability to disable other models such as Lens Blur.

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