Is there a way to disable models?

Is there a way to disable certain modules. A new one for lens blur was introduced and when using the AI, it sometimes like to use it when it is not needed. It makes the photo look horrible. I have to manually change it to another model. When I have a folder of 1000+ photos, I don’t want to have to inspect every single photo. I rather just disable the model and not have to worry about it.

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If you right-click and click on the 3 dots of the first image, you can select the “apply to All Images” and it will apply the settings to all the images in the film strip. You won’t have to inspect 1000 images.

Yes Edit>Preferences>Autopilot is there for all the other models but denoise, and it is badly needed as using the filmstrip preview to turn off denoise is error prone, buggy and painful if it works at all.

Copy all Settings copies the parameters which is not the same thing as choosing a model.

See this request Port the spreadsheet style interface that gigapixel had as a UI option to restore the prior functionality of copying setting subsets to subset of photos.

I don’t see any options in the preferences. If I go to the Sharpen section all I have the choice for is Low (soft), Medium (blurry), and High (Very blurry). There are no options in there to disable lens blur, or any other models.

That is not what I want. I still want to use AI, but I want to make sure AI does not use the lens blur model. Let the AI chose everything else, just not use lens blur. it tends to screw up and think that it is the best, when in reality there is no blur and it makes it worse.

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Hi @imajica, this isn’t possible at the moment, but I’ve moved this thread to our Ideas forum :slight_smile:

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You can turn off face. Turn off sharpen and set upscale or not. As noted blur needs added as does individual model selection with each ai. Which is why I directed you to my prior request and if you have gigapixel you can try it’s superior batch ui and demand that

You can turn OFF Lens Blur by Turning OFF Legacy Setting in the Settings/preference menu.

Though not sure they are going to keep that though since they only did that when people complained the new models was not as good.

so the idea that giga pixel had for selecting model combined with deselecting models would be good.

Yes… Nothing is guaranteed… but it what it is at the moment… Before they “remove” the legacy models, I’d guess from the ruckus that was raised over the the two Lens Blur and motion blur models, Topaz would be satisfied that whatever models replace them work exceptionally well. :grin: Just Sayin!!!

Not any more - that option has gone.

Maybe I mis-spoke… It’s in beta…

Just wanted to mention that I went plane spotting last night. Every one of the photos PAI wants to use lens blur model. There is no lens blur and lens blur makes the photo look worse. Standard or even Strong sharpening would be better. While I can use standard and copy the settings to the other photos, it will not use the AI to determine the strength to use. So it will copy the strength settings from one photo to all the photos. Not really good either. Not really happy with this. I thnk this model showed up in 1.37 or something, I cannot recall.

Just another little rant… hope there will be a way to turn off Lens Blur shortly. I have about 5000 BMX race pix to run through, but a lot, not all, of them are being detected as lens blur. The end results are pure crap. I ended up having to choose standard and then applying to all. Not the best solution, but better than keeping lens blur as the default for whatever pictures it decided needed it.

i don’t recall what version it was introduced in, magbe 1.36? I will have to revert back to that version. I cannot use the AI and have it detect Lens Blur all the time.

Also a side note: The Apply to all Images also has a big downside, at least in its current state.
This will copy all settings, including the slider values (which were auto-detected for the first image, where you clicked on the 3 dots, like sharpen strength, sharpen clarity…) - and it will apply them to all other images. So it makes quite a difference if you apply to all - or if you change it for all images manually. I’ve written an idea on that subject. Feel free to vote for it.
As long as that is the case, the apply to all feature is not usable for me in any way.

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I am aware of the fact that apply to all also copies the slider setting as well. While certainly not ideal, the results are livable. Ever since Lens Blur model was introduced, it has been nothing but problems for me. When the system detects that it needs it, the results are unusable. When I run through 5000+ photos at a time, I do not have the time or inclination to go through each one manually to fix it. And I don’t have the time after to see what photos screwed up and then redo the process. I shoot sports and I can easily do 5000-7000 pictures a day.

I simply want the ability to disable AI from using specific models. Before it was introduced, it sometimes used Strong, when standard would have been a better fit. I can live with that, but the Lens Blur I cannot live with. The results cannot be used. However, when I use Standard sharpening, the images look perfect as far as I can tell, so not sure why lens blur is being chosen.

I upvoted your model. I just added my thought to that thread to have the ability to disable a model from being detected and used.

For now I will have to downgrade to v1.36 (i think that was when Lens Blur was introduced) and not upgrade until this problem has been resolved.

Hello @imajica - thanks for the contribution on the other thread. I also voted for your idea, as I think it’s important to be able to disable specific models (as they simply screw up certain type of images…).
You might want to have an additional look at this idea and add a comment there, such an approach as described there might also work for you.