Add support for Google Pixel 8

When I load a Raw .DNG file from my google pixel 8 pro phone into Topaz Photo AI (latest update) it is green, as in only a green channel is loading. I searched and found a simliar closed entry on this site saying that it was on the Topaz Photo Ai development backlog queue. In other words, on the roadmap. The phone was release on October 12th, which is a bit over 5 months. I’m not complaining as I’m a super big fan of the company and the product, and I understand there’s going to be a lag for any new camera. But i did want to add in my support for escalating support for the Google Pixel 8 if possible.

Thanks Steve

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Thanks for reaching out to us here and sharing that request.

We utilize a third-party software known as LibRAW for RAW file processing. We will need to patiently await an update from them regarding their RAW library before we can incorporate it into our software.

During this period, it would be necessary for you to convert those files into either TIFF or JPG format.

I have asked some of the developers if we have a timeline for this support, and I will get back to you once I hear from them.

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