Add Padlock Icon to Timeline Zoom to Stop Auto-Zoom

To me this is an issue. I preview long videos at different points in the timeline to see how it looks with different enhancements. Each time I click on the timeline, it automatically zooms to that spot.

I don’t want that. To me it is not a feature. It slows down my work because I have to un-Zoom the timeline every time I click on it. Then, it happens again. It’s maddening.

Please add a padlock icon next to the timeline slider to lock it. Keep the functionality of the magnifying glass icon, but when the padlock is clicked stop auto-Zooming.

Are you clicking the part of the timeline that is purple or the preview item in the list under it?

Thanks for your response.

Actually, none of the above. If I click anywhere on the timeline and preview a few seconds, then the timeline zoom slider automatically changes and the timeline is now zoomed. I do not want any change in the timeline zoom just because I decided to preview here or there.

I am suggesting a lock icon be added to the zoom slider. Clicking it would lock the zoom. If I then click on the timeline and preview a few seconds, it would NOT zoom the timeline.

If the padlock icon is not clicked the present behavior would be continued.