Add back the 4 image 'Comparison View' to Gigapixel AI 7

The 4 image Comparison View is an incredibly useful and powerful tool to compare the results from multiple AI models alongside each other. Once the most suitable AI model has been identified then it remains useful to have the side by side, split and single view options to refine the enhancement parameters.

The current options of just single, split, and side by side view in Gigapixel AI v7 make choosing the most suitable AI model for a particular image hugely more time consuming and frustrating.

Please Topaz, could you include the 4 image Comparison View into the user interface for Gigapixel AI v7 as soon as possible.

For the record, this is the response I received from the support team today when I contacted them about the missing Comparison View in Gigapixel AI v7:

’ You are correct; the comparison view was removed for Gigapixel 7 due to code-based issues we were unable to include in the version before the release.

However, there is a possibility that this feature will be included in the next version of Gigapixel, version 7.1.0. If you want this feature back, we allow users to upvote feature requests in the Ideas section of the Gigapixel AI forum.’

This has been a very popular feature request and our developers are aware. The information supplied by our Support Specialist is accurate.


Please include the 4 image comparison view into the user interface.


Please Topaz, could you include the 4 image Comparison View into the user interface for Gigapixel AI v7 as soon as possible.
This saves so much time to get the best result.
Over all, newest version is not all that much faster than 6.3.3.


To be frank, I decided to get your Gigapixel product only very recently after I saw in particular the value of the Comparison View last week on the office of my printer company.

So I was very disappointed in discovering that this great Comparison View feature was not included in the last version 7.0 I got by default in downloading the software. You must put it back as this is really useful way to pick the best resize model and the sooner the better.
Thank you !


@here Hi all!

We have seen the recent uproar in the “Comparison View” feature request and we are quite surprised.

If we were able to bring back the Comparison View, what are some things that you liked about Comparison View in the previous versions of Gigapixel AI?

Also, what are some things that you didn’t like about Comparison View in previous versions of Gigapixel AI that we could do better on or add on to improve it?

I look forward to everyone’s feedback!

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Hi @simmy.topazlabs

I hope this video helps you understand how I use Comparison view and why I find it so incredibly useful. In essence, it saves me a lot of time choosing the most preferable AI model to use, as well as making the process of choosing the most preferable AI model easier.

I’ll have a further think about what I feel could be improved in Comparison view to make it even better.


Hi ,
In fact we may all be surprised … that you are surprised yourselves by the reaction of people about this missing feature in Gigapixel AI 7 .

As already clearly shown in charles.henderson video added here (Hi !) , the Comparison View offers instantly to compare four resize models and see the differences from our human perspective and from an artist preference perspective . Any default AI resize model could be seen as a helper to some extent BUT CANNOT REPLACE this Comparison View with 4 resize options on screen. The latest version request now to proceed to several attempts using different models, do screen copies of each or do a full save version for each with identification of the resize model used, then compared them elsewhere like using Photoshop , then selecting in Gigapixel the right resize version !! This is a huge lost of time compared to the Comparison view that was offered before.
It should be reinstated ASAP. Many Thanks for that

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The video says it all. The models aren’t perfect, and comparing more than one at a time is super helpful. I blow up a lot of cityscapes, and sometimes buildings do well with lines, sometimes with low res or sometimes with noise reduction. Picking a few to compare at the same time is so much more convenient than looking at one, then pulling up another, then another and trying to remember which looked better. Even worse when you have to look at different sections of an image…


To echo the sentiment here, I feel pretty lost without this function. Being able to quickly compare several processed options side-by-side is invaluable in feeling confident in the choice of model, particularly in more complex or nuanced use cases. Clicking back and forth between two options (and having it turn pixelated for a couple of seconds between each switch) makes it nearly impossible to determine which model looks best.

Please add this feature back, and if possible, a ‘split view’ mode for two different models, rather than just original vs processed. This would allow for more detailed comparison of two processed ‘finalists’ a user has picked when choosing the best model.


This is a great suggestion. I too have been frustrated by this limitation (chosen model and original for split view). It would be very useful to be able to compare two models directly using the split view, with perhaps a shortcut key press to return the selected/active window back to ‘Original’ whilst the key is pressed to allow a quick comparison with the original as well.

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One more point that wasn’t mentioned in all the other good responses: the “Comparison View” is part of the UI for both DeNoise AI and Sharpen AI, and its used there for all the reasons stated for Gigapixel AI: determining which model works best for a particular image isn’t always predictable in advance. So while using the Topaz “suggested” model may be fine a lot of the time, with tricky shots the only way to get things right is to look at multiple models, side-by-side, and see which one is doing the best job. That’s true for Gigapixel, just like its true for Sharpen and DeNoise.

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Thank you for the feedback!

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You have eight or more options to run through EVERY TIME I load an image. Your Autopilot never gets it right. It just takes too long to do that. So yes, please bring back your comparison view, and let us add even more comparisons. I’ve got a big screen.

I also would like to get this view back. It’s already not part of Photo AI, which is a big step back. But removing it in Gigapixel AI 7 is really bad and extremely frustrating :frowning:

We’ve released v.7.1.0 which has a newly updated UI and includes Comparison View =)

We are super excited as this design of comparison view is foundation to what we hope to bring in future iterations.


Hurrah! A step in the right direction! :+1:

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