Gigapixel 7.0.0

This is a newb question here…I have to revert back to the older version after installing this current version last night…it is still processing 50 images 24 hours after I put them on.
The older version did this in a lot shorter time frame, my laptop is not really basic but the other version is a lot quicker for me…how can I delete this version 7 version and install the older version, thanks!

Hi Mark, yes, I’ve been doing AI as well, using either the DiffusionBee app (Mac) or a manual install of Stable Diffusion on my computer.

In either case it is mandatory to enlarge these lo-res renders to be usable.

Here’s a quickie GP I just did to reply to you.

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Worked for me too, thanks!

Just uninstall version 7 via Windows and download the old version here: Releases - Topaz Community

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Followed your instructions. Interestingly, there was no HKEY line of code and regedit wouldn’t let me remove the Disk5 lines. Removed the folder from the installed program directory. Then ran the newer msi from last evening. Install ran fine and the program now runs. Like in the previous 6.3.3 version install, the ver 7.0.0 lacks the uninstall files. Do you have them in your folder?

I have created an Idea/Feature request for the 4-way Comparison View to be added to the user interface for Gigapixel AI v7 in a future release. Could people please add their vote here if this a function they wish to see back in the application too:

For the record, this is the response I received from the support team today when I contacted them about the missing Comparison View in Gigapixel AI v7:

’ You are correct; the comparison view was removed for Gigapixel 7 due to code-based issues we were unable to include in the version before the release.

However, there is a possibility that this feature will be included in the next version of Gigapixel, version 7.1.0. If you want this feature back, we allow users to upvote feature requests in the Ideas section of the Gigapixel AI forum.’


My install of version 7 failed because it couldn’t find version 6.2.0 to uninstall. That 's because I have version 6.3.3. Is this a moving target?

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It would be nice to have a progress bar, as the longer processing time can confuse those who are used to a faster response. This is especially true on Windows, which is less stable and reliable than Macs.

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Unlike the previous version, v7.0 is using a MSI package, the Windows Installer system will install, repair or uninstall the application so an actual .exe uninstaller is not needed.

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Done. Upvoted.

Me too.

After I complete a project…to be sure no impacts from uninstall gyrations.

leeches Upscaled by Low resolutin and Standard V2 :muscle:

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Are the updates in gigapixel 7.0 included in topaz AI 2.3.0?
I own topaz AI and gigapixel and I’m wondering if I need to renew gigapixel licence.


I actually wanted to know this as well.

I would like to think that the resizing itself will be equal in both apps and that GAI 7 is more of a cheaper version for people who just want to upscale and nothing else and don’t need all the extra bells and whistles that PAI is aiming to offer.

My GAI (along with Denoise & and Sharpen) ran out in November 2023 and I have a hard time finding myself willing to pay the $79 that’s being asked for and really hope that what I already paid for PAI won’t just get me a second grade light version. I already had doubts about renewal of PAI the last time, so if that were to happen I’d probably just “stop” upgrading altogether next time.


Hi there
Anyone struggling with weird thing happening to no background pngs? I have a weird shadow line appearing on every single clipart I am upgrading. Did this not happen in previous Gigapixel version and is not at all visible before upgrading
Zrzut ekranu 2024-01-20 o 11.11.56|849x711

Looks like I need to/should uninstall the older v6 before v7 installer ‘gets its hands on it’ None too sure why “it” requires v6 to be uninstalled???

Can I ask? With v7 .msi installer does it give you (as did v6 and before) the choice of installation folder?
I just hope that if they go the .msix (sandboxed) route any time in the future, that they will maintain the .msi (non-sandboxed) builds too :slight_smile:

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Yes it did, the overall issue is not the installer package but the additional uninstall they are trying to do. Note you may have to delete the registry entry of it doesn’t.

I agree with you about MSIX packages but, many apps do not support calling proxy exe’s because they are 0 bytes because you cannot call MSIX packages apps directly.

Unfortunately I can see that it still has the color noise issue, where white areas (often very small ones) will become blue/pink, in your example it’s very obvious

How does Gigapixel 7 compare to the other Topaz apps? I did a quick comparison.

•Sharpen and Photo AI were left at suggested defaults
•DeNoise and Gigapixel were manually tweaked as auto-pilot was not satisfactory

Read the thread. Took the plunge. Installed 7.0.0. fine. Downloaded the MSI installer from my account.

Win11 x64 i9 13900k system with 64Gb RAM No issues with install. It detected 6.3.3 and uninstalled it then put 7.0.0. in. Had no prior GAI install before 6.3.3. (maybe that’s why it went smoothly?)

Standard v2 model seems better than v1 for sure and I’m not seeing the blurry patches any longer (so far with limited testing). This makes it easier to have confidence in letting the AI do it’s thing when deciding on denoise or compression settings per image. Like the addition of the ‘file size’ indicator showing what the expected output size will be. Would be good to have this as an Output option too so we could take a group of images and size them all to XXXMb regardless of starting size or aspect ratio etc. with the scaling factor being computed automatically.

My i9 13900k system with 64Gb RAM runs on nvME2 drives for the OS and programs so it’s uber-fast but 7.0.0. is definitely slower compared to 6.3.3. Noticeably slower on a folder of images when queued. I’ve got the prefs set to let GAI select ‘Auto’ so I don’t know if it’s defaulting to my RTX3050 over the CPU (probably) and that’s now the bottleneck in the system. Still, I’m here for the image quality so I’ll take a hit on workflow speed if that means not having to redo stuff twice because the AI got it right first time! :+1: