Add an Iris HQ Model

Iris is usually exceptional, but its impact is frequently too intense, even for the MQ model. Can an Iris HQ model be added to the VAI?

This is kind of an oxymoronic idea.
The point in Iris is to enhance faces that are too low quality to enhance with the other models. Using the Iris model on a high quality source, implies that there is no loss in details of the faces, and therefore no need to use Iris to enhance faces. You can use Proteus or many of the other models on such a source and they won’t create unnatural or scary faces.


Iris does far more than enhance faces. Iris v2 has been the best all-around model for adding detail, and v1 has been unparalleled in recovering low quality videos. If it weren’t for the errors they produce, there would be no need for Proteus.

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Did you know that Iris was originally developed as Proteus v4?
Although it was developed as Proteus v4, it was renamed Iris because it was considered not suitable for high quality videos due to large image alterations.
So what we need is Proteus v4, not Iris HQ.

Topaz Video AI Beta v3.2.9.0.b
Changelog from 3.2.8:
New enhancement model named Iris (previously known as Proteus v4) for enhancing face or low-medium quality videos

@eh117 I dunno — I have had such INCREDIBLE detail enhancement with Gaia HQ. Both from 4K studio quality, and SDTV studio quality. It’s so super-useful for any kind of source that’s a clean professional example of that format.

I suspect that Gaia may perform differently on Macs, because it has not been useful at all for me.

@TicoRodriguez Thanks for the insight, it seemed rather clear that Iris was in the same family as Proteus. But Proteus itself is an MQ model. The closest we have to “Iris HQ” right now is Theia Details.

I’d believe 20 other things before resorting to Topaz producing different result on Mac vs Windows etc.

In fact Gaia is really for the professional content user only. You need superb SD or HD quality to make 4K. It barely transforms anything I’ve seen people using AI for — it’s too subtle for most, and most AI-processed footage will look garbage (GIGO) with Gaia.