A Version of Dione Interlaced TV without FPS increase? (v.2.6.4)

Hello, maybe someone can help please.

I am trying to render 720x575 footage to 4k, so first I ran it through Chronos v.3 and then Dione TV (I didn’t realise it added frames at the time) and it ended up at 120fps, but the added frame rate is not only not YT friendly, but it seems to be adding in lines just at the bottom of the screen. After trying to research the issue, I then converted it to 1280x720 and re-rendered and the lines are gone but the footage quality seems much worse at 60fps.

Here is a time line of the first run:

  • Converted 720x575 footage to 60fps using Chronos v3.
  • Rendered this footage using Dione Interlaced TV - this added frames and brought it up to 120fps.
  • Noticed lines in some of the footage - despite footage otherwise looking great, I decided to start again.

Here is a time line of the second run:

  • Converted 720x575 footage to 1280x720. (Read about it online to try it)
  • Rendered this footage using Dione Interlaced TV - this added frames and brought it up to 60fps.
  • Lines gone, but footage nowhere near as good.

My thoughts are to perhaps run it through another transcoder to add frames, but the issue seems to be that the only Dione model that doesn’t add frames is Dione Interlaced Robust but I tried this and again the footage isn’t as good.

Any help, advice or experience would be great. I also wondered if upgrading to latest version would perhaps be worth the $150 if it offers a better model.

Thanks in advance.

your mistake was that you tried converting to 60 FPS before you deinterlaced the video.
you need to run Dione TV 1st (x2 fps), only then if you want you can run Chronos to convert it to 60 fps.
but Honestly i don’t think you need to because your video after Dione TV, would be at 50 fps which is smooth enough.




Thanks a lot. It worked and then I just paid for the upgrade. Thanks again for your time and help.

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