60000 fps (!) processing DV footage

M2 MacBook Air using current version.

60000 fps? Source video is from DV footage.

Screenshot 2024-05-09 085408

Can you share the full logs for the team to review why the app is seeing your footage in this frame rate?

I can upload one of the DV files if that helps.

That will work. You can use this dropbox link to send it directly to me securely. Just let me know what the file name is once you upload it.

Submit File to Dropbox

Clip 01.dv

Thanks for sending that over, I do see it at 60,000 FPS. This is due to the metadata on the file. Click on the Edit option next to the Input properties and then select the Telecine option and this will convert it to 23.976FPS.



I wanted to confirm if that option setting resolved the issue for you?

I see the pop up help says it will convert my video to 23.976 FPS before applying AI models. I do not want that.

when I cut part of one of my DV videos with shutter encoder by selecting “cut without compression” and I import it into VAI, the frame rate and the preview and rendering times are good, but I am also with my original DV sequences, sent directly in vai it shows me 6000 fps it seems to me, or 60,000 if I read it wrong. It also completely modifies the rendering estimate which instead of lasting a few seconds becomes several days lol.

What is the original FPS of the footage?

29.97, Sony Digital8 camcorder from 1999.

Mine are in PAL 25/50 fps, and it does the same thing to me