5 bugs or Issues ver.5.0.1

  1. The bug / behavior you have encountered

1-1. When resizing multiple files from FHD(or under) resolution using the options stored in a preset, and using an AI model for the task, some files may not be selected with the chosen option, and remain at the original resolution.
To prevent this issue, instead of using the preset options, you should select multiple files, directly click on the resolution, and change the AI model.

1-2. When changing the resolution by selecting custom resolution for multiple files simultaneously, some files will follow the resolution of the first file. For example, if you choose to scale up by 210x, all files will be scaled by the 210x of the first file, rather than each file being scaled by 210x individually. However, this does not happen when selecting 2x or 4x.

1-3. In the above two cases, when in side-by-side view mode, the other files apart from the first file will show “not processed” on both the left and right sides, not just the right side. To fix this, you need to double-click the A/B comparison mode.

1-4. more files waiting in the task(export) list, and you select one from the next source file to export and add to the task list, to verify if it was added correctly, you need to scroll down all the way down the export list.

Previously, when a file was added, it would appear at the very bottom of the export list, allowing you to easily confirm it was registered. However, now the previously added files remain above, and the file you just added does not appear immediately

1-5. This is a very rare occurrence, but sometimes when using the program, the progress bar indicating the time elapsed on the work piece will move erratically, either going backwards or forwards, unrelated to the actual time display.

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