5.2.0 Authorized Software now Watermarking

I upgraded to 5.2.0, but processing was on Auto, and my system shut down. I deleted the active project file because restarting the app caused it to continue processing and crashing/shutting down. Once I relaunched, I reauthroized via browser, then launched the app, but now it’s watermarking like trial version.

  1. Installed 5.2.0
  2. Win10x64
  3. zip file
  4. screengrab

    logsForSupport.zip (896.3 KB)

Until 2019 Topaz products offered a full unlimited trial period of 30 days. No water marks. No restrictions. No jokes. Being able to test everything perfectly before purchase was a strong selling point. I wonder what happened to Topaz since then. :eyes:

Can you also share your system profile to check what caused the crash?

How To Obtain Your System Profile (Windows)

CS_DxDiag_240711.txt (86.0 KB)

No problem, but because I used to process 2 streams in v4.x, and v5 no longer allows due to the newly created PRO version, it over-heated (set to 2 streams/all).

The overheated is NOT the issue - the watermarking IS the issue. Can we focus on that?


Screenshot 2024-07-11 132238

I’ve uninstalled 5.2.0. It shut my system down again, just processing a 5sec clip.
I’m logging in to install 5.1.4. I’ll follow up if there is any performace difference.

ps. I deleted all previous settings, etc.


What power supply do you have in your system and are you running any overclocking ?

UGH! What horrible support. Why can’t I choose the version I wsh to upgrade (revert back) to after reinstalling?

Please send me a download link for the installer for v 4.2.0, Thnx!


Here is the link to the Video AI releases - community page where all the installers are listed.

To make it easier here is the direct page link for v4.2.0.

Thermaltake 850w PS. No hardware changes. Why are you asking about power?

I’ve been running 4.x since my purchase in Oct. 2023. I upgraded earlier in the week, maybe a week ago, cannot remember, to v5.x, and until the 5.2 upgrade, not rendering/exporting issues. I ran v5.1 for 4 hours w/o incident, but after running v5.2, it crashes.

Please send me a download link to the v4.2.x installer.

Since you mentioned the newest update shut down your system, the most common issue I have seen with that is the GPU and AI processes pulling more power than the power supply has and it trips the system. Running overclocking can also pull more voltage and power then the power supply can deliver at times and will shut it down.

The link to v4.2.0 is above in my previous comment.

Please be aware of serious stability issues with Intels 13th and 14th generation of CPUs.