5.03 - extremely annoying bugs with the create preset dialog

When creating a new preset, when you go to check the ‘Include Preview & Export Settings’, the dialog disappears, saves the preset and the export settings are not saved! Furthermore, it changes the settings you had in the export options back to something else!

Also, if you have put any text in the ‘Name’ field, clicking anywhere else makes the dialog instantly disappear and saves the preset, without pressing ‘Create’.


Please fix these issues with the create preset dialog!


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Hi David, would you be able to screen record this behavior using a website such as loom for example so that I can send it over to our developer team to look into?

There are multiple reports of this so it should be easy to replicate, but here you are anyway:

Clip 1 - as soon as you check the the ‘Include Preview & Export Settings’ box the dialog disappears, the preset is created anyway and the export settings are not saved (trust me on that, I did not show the export settings, but they are NOT saved to the preset).


Clip 2 - put any text in the ‘Name’ field, and if you click anywhere outside of the dialog box, the dialog disappears, the preset is created anyway and the export settings are not saved.



Export settings aren’t saved with preset settings, every time you import a new video and apply a preset, you have to change export settings again. a bit annoying… unless I’m missing something

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Moved another post here complaining about export settings not being saved to presets as well.

Hi David, the screen recordings are no longer available, however, we are aware of this bug and are working to resolve these issues in a future update.

When creating the initial preset, you need to make sure the “include preview & export settings” box is enabled