5.0.1 ver bug

My system.

bug report

after new ver, when I selected time elapsed, this program showed me like that.

For nearly 2 years, I have been using this program on a paid subscription. During this time, I’ve felt that your team is increasingly focused on making the program look cooler and more stylish, rather than improving its core functionality and fixing bugs or issues. There are so many small bugs and issues like this. Of course, you will know this better without me talking more about these.

I understand your team’s desire to make this program seem more trendy and visually appealing. However, I feel that the program’s core features are not improving, and in fact, the things the program used to do well in the past are now becoming slower and less reliable.

On top of that, there seems to be a growing number of bugs and issues that have accumulated. It feels like your focus is more on the aesthetics and appearance of the program, rather than addressing the fundamental needs and pain points of users like myself who rely on this program daily.

I hope your team can shift their priorities back to improving the program’s core functionality, optimizing performance, and resolving the bugs and issues that users are facing. The “coolness” factor should not come at the expense of the program’s reliability and essential capabilities. As a long-term paying user, I would appreciate seeing more progress in these areas.

I am not from Topaz, but as an end user I am not sure how you got to the conclusion that the core is not improving. yes, they did put effort in UX but, they release new trained AI model once every 2-3 months on average. there were 5 new AIs alone released in the past year (maybe more forgive me if i got the numbers wrong). those AIs improved a lot the image quality compared to older AIs.
for me AIs are core functionality. without a good AI, the rest you can throw out the window if your end file looks crap…
Yes, there are bugs and sometimes they do take their time fixing those, but most bugs are not mission critical bugs that cease your ability to work. those are more “annoyances bugs”. it is inconvenient bugs, yes, but you could work your way around it in most cases in some way or another.
Another thing you need to take in mind is, it takes time to train AIs, and a lot of time. so in the mean time while training the AIs they do other functions that would enhance the Program.
and Bugs, they release fixes every 2 weeks… so you can’t really sit on the claim hardly any bugs are fixed…

Anyway that is my 2 cent on the overall Topaz Picture from my prospective.