3 issues

I love this program that you guys have created. I’ve been using this program for over a year now. Thank you so much.
However, there are some things that bother me.
So I’m curious and write.

  1. When there are few or many files in the input of a program (file list at the bottom left of the program), if you close one or more files among them, most of the files in the input (except for one or a few) disappear their images.
    For example,

  2. When changing files(not only one) height or width (but not scale) in a custom resolution,
    And if those files are at different resolutions,
    At this time, all files are fixed to the replaced resolution of the first file.
    For example,
    imagine 640x854 file and 674x1200 file are in here.
    If you select both of these files together and change their Width to 2160,
    Each file will not produce these result.
    674x1200->2160x3846 (not). This file follows the resolution of the first file above. 2160x2882.
    When changing many files with only width or height changes, it is not recommended that all files follow the resolution of the first file. It would be nice to have each file change according to its own resolution.

  3. If I copy the previous settings and paste them into another file, the fps will change and not return to the original(In the program, it is written that the changed is the original.), meaning that copying settings from the current version is useless.

Do you have any plans to change these?
I wish you all the best of luck and have great days.

Are you still seeing these errors in the latest update? V4.2.2 was set to fix some of the known batch processing issues. I tested out the file preview thumbnails disappearing and I was unable to recreate it.

Try updating to v4.2.2 and see if you still see any of these issues, the team worked to patch a lot of things that have been raised in the past few versions.