1.2.7 and 1.2.8 Crash in batch mode

Consistently crashes. Autopilot. No error message. Usually before 10 or so images complete. Using latest NVidia Studio Driver for RTX-3080 Ti.

ONLY Crashing when preferences set to use GPU. If set to CPU mode, batch completes, but VERY slowly.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.7 and 1.2.8 on Windows 10
2023-03-26-20-06-24.tzlog (3.3 MB)
DxDiag.txt (95.1 KB)

Please follow the instructions in this video to send me the crashpad zip (Windows).

It looks like there was an error with the GPU processing. Once I have the crashpad file my team can look into a fix.

crashpad.zip (5.1 MB)

Thanks for sending this information over. Is Topaz Photo AI still crashing in the latest version v1.2.10?

I passed this information to my team so we can look into it.

Yes it still behaves the same.

@bobp we are investigating this crash and I have a team member working on a fix. We were able to reproduce this crash on our computers as well.

For now, I recommend working in smaller batches until we have a solution for this. I do not recommend processing on the CPU as the speed is much worse, unless you are planning on running the batch overnight or leaving the computer for a few hours.

Still “investigating”? This has been reported well over a month now, through several releases. You add features while reproducible crashes during normal process continue?? I think your priorities need to be reconsidered. I feel like I have purchased beta software and have serious doubts about continuing to pay for a subscription for the privilege of testing in lieu of your own quality control process. Others are reporting this same issue, and are being instructed to submit logs etc as if this is some new issue. When the last 3 releases arrived, this was NOT even included in the “Known Issues” list which really is frustrating. Very unhappy customer here.

We released an update last Thursday which should address this issue. Could you update to v1.3.3 and let me know if you are still getting crashes?

We currently use the “Known Issues” list for potentially widespread bugs that could affect many users. This bug existed for about 1.5 months and there were around 15 reports between support and forums. The fix required a deeper change that was bundled with a number of other fixes.

To be clear, we are not ignoring the reports or holding off on a solution. There are many factors which could prevent an immediate fix. We test very thoroughly to try catching everything before we ship the update so we do not introduce new bugs.

OK, was able to process 152 images without a crash. Good! However, a couple things:

  1. Processing is quite a bit slower. About 17 seconds per image vs about 10 before these crashes started.
  2. Output file size for DNG is Really Huge! I was processing Canon CR2 raw files, which were all about 30 MB.
    Output from PAI as follows:
    DNG: All files exactly 176,534 KB (!!)
    TIFF: Around 20 MB - varies
    JPG (100%): Around 4 MB - varies

Great to hear it’s no longer crashing. The slower processing is known and we are working on a fix for that. The Raw Remove Noise Strong model was having issues so it’s running on CPU currently.

The DNG output file size is expected behavior. The original RAW file is likely compressed while our DNG export is full size and uncompressed so the output file is larger. We do not have access to a DNG compression algorithm as that is proprietary to Adobe.

If you need to decrease the DNG file size, use Adobe DNG Converter to compress the DNG file to a smaller size.