Zoom Level DeNoise AI & Sharpen AI

DeNoise AI offers zoom levels of 100%, 200% and 400%.

Sharpen AI offers zoom levels of 50%, 100%, 200% and 400%

I find zoom levels over 100% to be mostly useless, especially 400%, as there are resolution factors that make a good analysis unlikely.

However, the 50% level and a fit to screen option would be useful in both application in order to get a look at the overall effect on the image.

Can you think about this Topaz?


Yes, I agree. Forget 400% but introduce 50% and or fit. For all AI products.


I agree 50% would be more use to me than 400%.


Yes, zoom is way too limited.


Yes I wanted to post an issue, but discovered this post about zoom problems in DeNoise AI!
Of course we need to be able to zoom out and see the whole image. When I work with large images the problem gets even worse, so there must be something wrong with the zoom.

I also noticed that on a 1920 x 1080 laptop screen the text from the application in the top header right is not sharp, but blurry.


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I agree. I like the ability to use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out without restriction in Adjust AI. It would be nice to have this available in Sharpen and DeNoise. I can’t see the entire picture which is a problem with very large pictures. I only get a massive close-up of the area selected by the program and can’t place the improvements in context.

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Why not Standardize the Zoom Levels across all of the AI programs, then allow users to remove ones they don’t want for each specific program through Preferences.

I do think that a 400% zoom level is very useful, but only when having a very critical look at potential trouble areas. One obviously loses the overview and context, but that’s exactly the point. Zooming in is to reduce the distraction and really focus into areas with improved visibility of detail.

Zooming below 100% for noise reduction is meaningless. Noise is reduced at 100%, and zooming in will allow to watch the effect on details. But zooming out to a reduced size, other than a convenient fit screen, depends too much on the resampling algorithm used. So it will in many cases not be representative of how the image will look anyway.

I do prefer a possibility to zoom with the scroll-wheel of the mouse.