Your not going to believe this

The cat walked across the key board on my laptop and now the image, on the screen, is vertical instead of horizontal. Any ideas how to get it back horizontal? Now just quit laughing! :grin:


I figured it out - - - Right click / Display Settings / Orientation / Horizontal


I didn’t laugh…sometimes things happen so out of the blue and never experienced that we don’t have a clue of how to fix them. My display has a touch sensitive control under the screen ledge. It’s so sensitive that I’ve accidently activated it several times and getting it back is not always an easy matter.

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Don’t feel bad. Caesar walks across my keyboard all the time. :cat2:

I have an HP keyboard that has mute, volume up, down & screen hibernate buttons right above the arrow keys. I had to finally disable the hibernate button because it was a pain to get the screen to wake up again and besides it’s something I never use. The mute button is easy to undo so I don’t worry about that one.


Never underestimate the mischief causing potential, of a cat!


I laugh because my cat does the same thing. I have to hold the keyboard in my hand witch is a pain in the neck lol. But i love my

Maybe you should get your cat to edit your images and you can chase the mice :wink:

My cat does the same thing…She looks at the screen and sees the mouse and she puts her paw on the screen and she can’t figure out how to get it in her mouth lol. It’s so funny.