Yet another image from the balloon festival - a REAL flyer


Beautiful bird.Very well captured,

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They are just so evil and cute at the same time … great shot …

Excellent capture and very subtle processing!

Magnificent portrait! Very regal apperance.

Wow!! What a beauty.

Top notch capture …

interesting owl balloon!..great shot and processing

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Thanks for the positive comments.

I think owls are amazing creatures and we have them in the trees which span the beck (Yorkshire word for “stream”) as it flows behind the house and out towards the river. Unfortunately the birds I saw on Saturday are “rescues” and are imprinted on humans.
As for the photo details ---- it was a first outing in nearly a year for the Sony DSLT - my daughter made the comment that she’d not seen me with “that” camera for ages — it cost a great deal; my back is better; so it went to earn its keep. The processing — yes Topaz Adjust 5 just gave those feathers that warmth and “edge”; I used Gradient Map in PS with a mask to desaturate the colours of the background ever so slightly whilst maintaining the tone and hue of the owl; LR for the finishing vignette.


Your PP workflow has beautifully brought out the real beauty & details of the owl… great job!
Hoping you can continue to get out and about to take more wonderful images.

thanks @cre8art - my intention too!

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