X265 software encoding


i’d like to use software x265 encoding instead of the hardware’s one.
the ffmpeg used in topazlab don’t have the x265 codec.

so i’d like to pipe the topaz ffmpeg output to another ffmpeg build so i can user software x265.

i can’t get it work, is there any limitation/lock witch about it in topazlab’s ffmpeg ? (please consider adding software’s x265 to topaz ffmpeg, it’s realy way better quality/file size compared to hardware x265)

thanks ^^

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Check this post and see if it helps :point_right: Topaz's ffmpeg binary doesn't contain libx264 or libx265 - #5 by 07broom.fibulae
I know piping works because I usually pipe Avisynth scripts to the ffmpeg output

thanks a lot, it’s working, i was just missing some part of the pipe syntax ^^’

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You can add your own encoding presets in C:\ProgramData\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz Video AI\models\encoders.json.

You’re welcome :+1:
About your “request”

Not so soon we will see that implemented. Topaz will have to pay license fees to have libx264/265 in the topaz build of ffmpeg and by doing it they also have to increase the final price of the App and that will also affect users who does not want or need libx264/265.

Oh I though it was because Topaz would have to make public some of their code that they really shouldn’t, to comply with the libx264/5 license.
But what you say makes sense too. If they were to use a closed source version, they would have to pay for it.

According to this it’s not what you thought :point_right: Topaz's ffmpeg binary doesn't contain libx264 or libx265 - #2 by lhkjacky

Yep, thats the reason, x265 is released under the GPL so they would be unable to distribute ffmpeg with their proprietary code compiled into the software without opening up their code under a compatible licence.

They do distribute a version of the source for ffmpeg that will compile against there proprietary libraries available but thats not a straight forward thing to do as you need to compile a stack of other dependencies (I maintain a script for macOS to do this, it used to be a fork of my script Topaz used internally at one point).

Its probably easier for pepple that aren’t familiar with building stuff from code to use two binaries and a pipe, especially now TVAI will shows you the ffmpeg command for you to modify.

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I cannot agree more. I’ve built quite a few things for my work, but that did not prepare me for what’s needed to build ffmpeg with the TVAI filters.

I just realized this was a thing when I moved to the Linux Beta version I suppose the hardware encoders aren’t available but I can’t use h265 for mkv at all. Not sure about the details of your ffmpeg script for Mac but any chance you would do one for Linux? I wouldn’t think there’s a huge difference.