Would you use DeNoise on full daylight images?

This one probably falls under the dumb question category, but I am curious dumb guy!

Would there be any benefit to using DeNoise on images that were taken in daylight with low ISO settings?

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In any case if noise reduction is not necessary I wouldn’t use anything except my RAW converter, in my case Studio 2, Capture One or ON1 Photo RAW.


Are you seeing noise in your images under those (or any) shooting conditions?

I, personally, don’t do a lot of denoising unless I’m going to see some viewable benefit.

Denoising softens images. So if you have to add ‘artificial’ sharpening to compensate it could change the look of your images. My attitude is why do those steps if not needed…

If noise is visible in your daylight shots, remember you can also mask and apply the denoising selectively just where needed. Sometimes shadows, even in otherwise daylight, can get noisy. You could choose to just denoise there, etc.

Good luck.

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I use Deep Prime and Denoise for everything, Low Light images to Daylight.