Would two GPUs be a good option for Topaz Video AI?

Salve a tutti ho un processore di 6-7 anni fà e una scheda video Asus geforce rtx 3060 OC 12 GB GDDR6, DATO CHE LE MIE FINANZE ATTUALI NON MI PERMETTANO SCHEDE VIDEO Asus di alta fascia, volevo sapere collegando un altra scheda video uguale in SLI che vantaggi ne avrei sulla velocità di refreme al secondo, grazie mille a tutti coloro che mi vorranno consigliare in merito.

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Someone else just reported that Topaz Video AI is unstable with Two GTX 1080s in SLI. When it does not crash, it is much slower than the last version (3.0.12)
That being said, maybe having two RTX 3060s would be better since they cannot be in SLI. I think you would need a CPU with 16 cores to have that help with speed though.

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Grazie per la risposta appena possibile vorrei Installare una scheda madre nuova Asus e il processore Intel i7 13 generazione 16 core 13700 K, però per il momento la spesa più immediata che posso fare è quello della scheda video, che ne pensi della possibile configurazione che vorrei fare appena possibile, pensi che ci possano essere vantaggi significativi con questa configurazione sulla velocità di refreme, tieni conto che un video di 8 minuti circa 720x576 impiega oltre 47 minuti, grazie mille e aspetto una tua risposta

I’m curious how that could be done. In my Preferences, I get to select only 1 video card. Does TVAI support 2?

I know they planned for it because you can set the device in the command. Maybe they’ll add it to the GUI some time, or maybe it already sets one device to 1 if you tell it to run two at a time. I have no way to test it.

If you have enough to buy an RTX 3080 or better, that should get you some more speed. I think saving up for the new CPU and Motherboard and RAM would help the speed more though.

Hi, I can confirm that 2 GPUs are supported but I had to experiment with different TVAI settings to get the best overall speed. Although I now use a Mac Studio, I still have a MacBook Pro with an eGPU. With that setup, the TVAI UI offers the choice of GPU and an option of “All GPUs”.



Hello everyone, I saw the reviews of the Intel Arc 750 video card and I saw that its technical characteristics are superior to my RTX 3060 card, I wanted to know if the Intel Arc 750 video card is compatible with the Topaz Video AI program, and if it is compatible with my MSI X99A Raider motherboard, thanks to all the users who will be able to enlighten me about it.

Hi all, can any of you tell me when the Nvidia super resolution drivers will come out and if these drivers will increase the resampling speed in Topaz Video AI, I await your news from users and developers, thank you very much.

That is not going to affect TVAI. The only way I see that happening is if Topaz gives their trained models to Nvidia so that they can figure out how to run them in their runner, or the other way around. Nvidia gives Topaz their model so that they can run it in TVAI.

hi all, I would like your opinion on something that came to my mind, how about increasing the resampling speed in topaz video ai, after loading the video file and previewing the video file that will go to resample, if in practice for resampling it uploads a maximum of 15-30 seconds at a time for resampling, so that you always have the fastest possible speed for resampling, I would like to know what you users and developers think about this, thank you very much to everyone.

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