Worst Update in My Experience!

I have been a loyal customer from the company’s earliest days. This is HANDS-DOWN THE WORST UPDATE EVER!!! Heads need to roll over this fiasco.


I don’t notice any results, as if it does nothing…“preview updated” but looks the same.? I only use the software-no plug-ins, not into lightroom, PS or anything else. AI 3 isn’t working for me. Also unable to find or modify whatever ai decides subject should be, if any “subject” at all? Where is subject selection? Shortcut keys don’t seem to work, either on Asus laptop running Windows 11, unless AI3 simply isn’t selecting any subject(s)?

I get the same result…acts like it’s doing its thing, but makes no changes whatsoever.

I’ve downgraded to 2.3.2 on Mac

  1. The new interface is tedious and unusable relative to the prior version.

  2. And version 3.0 now does nothing when working on photos. Just stalls and never finishes processing.

  3. Version 3 stalls my computer so badly, I can’t do anything but photo editing. That’s not cool.

Something is tragically wrong…
Guess I’ll watch this ticket to see whether the bugs are fixed someday soon.

Is 2.3.2 the last version with the useable interface?

Attempting to recover some quality in this Giza Pyramid image with Topaz Photo AI.
Not faring as well as hoped so far. ;_(


Thanks so much.

Walt Benn

I think that’s about as good as it gets, considering the quality of the original image. You’d probably do better adjusting tone and colour in LR or whatever you use as your main photo editor.
BTW, this took me less than a minute in v3. It might be better with selective sharpening using the new layers function. Also, it might be possible to get rid of the lens flares with the Remove tool.

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Thank you for the notes/comments.
That was very kind of you.

My pleasure. You could not sharpen the passageway behind you as it looks more realistic if it is out of focus!