I’m using Lightroom CC Classic and Topaz Denoise AI, Clear AI, Adjust AI and Sharpen AI.

What is the best workflow?
Rgds Per

Disregarding JPEG to RAW and GigaPixel AI this is what is recommended:

In other words - no editing in Lightroom?

Nope, that is a workflow that you would use calling from any raw editor or, if you don’t have one, you can call using the plugins in Studio 2 … or simply standalone.

I understand and am ok with the upgrade changes; however, it would be VERY helpful to provide information on 1) when to use which product for those which have some degree of overlapping functionality, and 2) what the recommended workflow is for those of us who own ALL of your AI (and predecessor) products! Thx.


I’d like an answer to point 1, too.

I’d like an answer to both questions as well. Have been searching for exactly these points. Thank you.