Workflow for my Raw images in Topaz DeNoise AI with LrC plugin

I use Lightroom Classic as my primary application for processing my raw image files from my camera. After a few months and several tests I have adopted the following workflow for my raw image files from my Olympus OM-D E-M1 camera 16 mega pixel files.
Import files into LrC with chosen default develop settings with appropriate profile.
Apply basic edits. If images are shot at high ISO setting that need noise reduction I proceed as follows.
Select the Enhance feature available in LrC and if the image needs a significant crop, include “Super Resolution”.
When the DNG is created I proceed to use the “Edit in function” to send a tiff copy with the Lightroom edits to Topaz DeNoise to apply it’s magic an save the final image.
Comments would be appreciated.

Hi, according to Topaz you should send your image/s to Denoise first with no editing done but everyone has there own way of working and if it works for you stick with it.
I have been doing something similar, basic edits then Topaz but now after watching a video on good old YouTube I have set up a watched folder for Lightroom 6, (yes Lightroom 6 perpetual), drag RAW image/s from Windows explorer into Denoise, let it do it’s thing and save image/s to that watch folder, open Lightroom and imports image/s automatically to watch folder and start editing.
On first impressions I am getting more natural looking images (Birds) especially in the feather detail. Russ.

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Thanks for your thoughts Russell, much appreciated.
I am still in the early days of testing and will eventually get to something that suits me best.