Workflow and saving stacked images

I have 2 related questions. I am complete noob so don’t assume I know anything LOL
Workflow: I know Topaz suggest “send everything to Topaz first” . How exactly? Using windows explorer to bring into a temp folder, then LRC to import from the temp folder? Currently I bring everything into LRC first make small edits then edit in Topaz.
Stacked images. When I edit with Topaz I get stacked images. the original and edits. Should I save all or just the final edited image? Is there any value to saving the orignal RAW file or is the TIFF good enough?

hi, here’s a two helpful YouTube videos from Topaz Labs - Using Topaz Photo AI with your RAW images in a standalone workflow

Using Topaz Photo AI with your non-RAW images in a standalone workflow

hope this helps

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Thanks for this
However do I use windows explorer to download images from Camera, Topaz them then import to LRC? Or do I use LRC to import the original raw fiels from camera?

Hi, my basic workflow is to import and convert to DNG’s within lightroom from my camera.

Then open Photo AI as a standalone application use the browse for images option and find the newly created lightroom Forder containing my images.

Next let Photo AI Autopilot the images, save the images as new DNG’s in a separate folder within the same lightroom folder which I call Topaz Photo AI.

Finally back into lightroom find the folder containing the original DNG’s right click on this folder and from the pop-up menu select synchronise folder lightroom will automatically find the new Topaz folder and ask you if you would like to proceed to import click OK

I personally always keep both the original DNG’s and the DNG’s I created within Photo AI, having said that if your preference is to save as a TIFF file it’s fine as well because a TIFF file is a Sixteen Bit file format so yes plenty good enough

Again hope this helps

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Another thing I’ve done is to create a lightroom preset, where I switch everything off except for lens corrections.

Because I prefer to use lightroom’s lens corrections then Photo AI’s, so don’t forget to switch off lens corrections within the Photo AI preference menu.

I apply this preset after importing from Photo AI and I call this preset TopazLabs

Also, within this preset I turn off sharpening because by default lightroom automatically applies sharpening to all images, that includes on top of any sharpening you may have applied within Photo AI

Hope this helps

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