Workflow: Adjust Horizon while cropping Image (p.e. 16:9) in GigaPixel


for using (old) Photos in a video PhotoShow (mp4) I have to crop the Photos p.e. to 16:9.

There ist a nice function in GigaPixel AI to crop like that. At this moment it would be helpful if there would be a function “adjust horizon” to avoid, I have to adjust the horizon before - or after - upscaling separatley (in Photoshop p.e.)

It would be just “1 click” to adjust either horizontally - or vertically - then crop the adjustet image to the needed format.

Is there a funktion like that in GigaPixel, but I haven`t see it up to now?

Other ideas to adjust - and crop - images in ONE step in my workflow?

Thx 4 ideas und suggests - and sorry for my ugly english language :smiley:


I am afraid Gigapixel AI is what it is. It has not been upgraded for months, since Topaz is devoting all its attention to Photo AI, which I believe DOES have a straightening function, and I very much doubt there will be further development of its other programmes.