Woodland Falls

Rigetts Glen State Park

Edited using Topaz Studio


Welcome aboard David… that is one beautiful capture with excellent edits… was all the processing done just in Studio?

Initial processing in Lightroom and then took into Photoshop. I used Topaz Denoise and In Focus first and maybe Adjust 5 and then into Studio where I used Impression and Precision Contrast. Back to Photoshop and used layer masks to bring back some of the foreground elements.

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Thanks for the workflow info… I had some thoughts that some other programs were used by looking at the image. Your photography & processing talent is skillfully displayed in this image.

Thank you John.

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David… did you mainly apply Impression to the background foliage & rocks around the waterfalls and keeping the foreground more natural with your other editing?

Yes. I think I pulled the Opacity on the Impression layer back to around 80% and took it completely off in the first third of the image and about 50% in the middle. I try to get the image to look like a cross between a painting and a photograph.

Nice touches with your edits and well done.

Welcome, and beautiful work …

You did a great job on this one…very nice PP work.

Beautiful scene captured and treated spot on. Great dof.

Beautiful setting, capture and edit …

crystal clear image and very nice PP!

Beautiful capture and very nice description of your workflow. Welcome to the forum!

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