Wish: sharpening dependent on the image sharpness

What I always miss a lot is a sharpening depending on the exist photo sharpness. At the moment, sharp areas are often over-sharpened. It would be nice if sharp areas were only slightly sharpened and unsharp areas were sharpened more. Could this be added to the wish list?

I need this feature for close-ups of insects, where I always struggle with the shallow depth of field.

It’s already there… Select Sharpening, mask what you want sharpened, Then select Sharpening AGAIN, and mask a different area you want sharpened… repeat as needed.

OK as a workaround, but I expect more from an AI tool. And AI isn’t even necessary. Areas with high-frequency components should simply be sharpened less than those where they are less or even absent. Let us call the feature “adaptive sharpening”.

Here an image example where this kind of automatic unblur would be useful.

Screen Shot 03-05-24 at 04.06 PM

NOT as a work around, but as a process flow… I don’t want Topaz (or any other software) making broad generalized assumptions about what I want done to an image. If I want everything to be “tack sharp” from front to back, I can do that IN-Camera by selecting the correct aperture… If I want to highlight a specific area to sharpen MORE, then I’ll select the exact areas I want that applied to.

I’ve found that ANY sharpening software, invariably, will over-sharpen certain areas, and not other areas… regardless of what kind of AI is used…

Some AI software does better than others simply because of the available processing and the data set it is trained on…

Unfortunatelythe aperture is already at its limit, that’s all it can do. And feature requests are also about thinking beyond the limits of classic Photoshop.
Why not let the software try to produce a balanced sharpness at the user’s request? (If you don’t like than not for you.:wink: )
Simply apply less sharpening where there is already a lot of detail. It is certainly easy to programme a mask depending on the level of detail. Areas without details, of course, without additional sharpening.