Winter at Château de Chillon

Capture One Pro, TS AI Clear


Very nice.

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Beautiful PP …


Ah. Montreux. One of my favorite places on the planet.

Hope you got a chance to take the train up to Chateau-d’Oex?âteau-d’%C5%92x

Mark, normally we do not visit Montreux because the town itself is quite ugly (apart from the lakeside which is beautiful). Instead we very often go to Vevey which is much nicer and just around the corner. We are living some 45 mins away, so yes, I have been to Château-d’Œx several times, also because of the hot-air balloon meeting.


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Ooo. Hope you have shots of that Peter!

The Wiki Link fails somehow… I’d like to have read some more!

I probably have some paper photos somewhere in a box. Did not have digital camera at that time. But you could go there very soon. The next festival is from 26th Jan to 3rd Feb.
Here is their website with more info:
Acutally I am now thinkig if I should go this year after quite a long time. A lot depends also on the weather but if the sun is shining the colourful balloons against the white mountains and the deep blue sky is a real treat.

Jack, if you open Wikipedia and copy and paste Château-d’Œx in the search box it will find it.

Wow…that is a beauty. Wonderful treatment.

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Making me envious. Maybe someday. Had always wanted to retire & move there.
'm retiring at least.

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I like the sharpness, colors and composition

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