Windows Shell "right click" broken

When I right click on an image on my desktop I used to be able to use “open with” and select Topaz Photo AI. Now when I do that, it opens a windows security screen offering to do a scan. I have no problems opening Topaz Photo AI with it’s own icon. So for some reason, windows shell is finding it suspicious. All my other photo programs from Adobe work fine in Windows Shell, right click.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.x.x] on [Windows/Mac]

Try Open with and then select the Photo AI executable for the first time.

I not clear about what you are suggesting. I’ve Uninstalled photo AI, rebooted, noted it does not appear in my context menu then reinstalled and the same thing happens.

What are you actually trying to do: post a screenshot please.

There is NO Open as but there is a Open with for files that are associated with Photo AI, if Photo AI is not in the list choose Choose another app, go to the photo AI folder and click on the executable and after that it will appear in the list …


This has nothing to do with Photo AI, it is to do with file associations in Windows. You are just wasting your time uninstalling and installing.

I sent some responses via email which are not showing here but basically, I’m doing exactly what you are doing shows with “open with” not open as. It brings up a windows security scan. If I ignore the fact that Topaz Photo AI is showing in my context menu and select “choose another app” at the bottom and then drill down to Topaz Photo AI, it will open Topaz properly without the security scan. So, then I went and edited my registry to get rid of the jpg association for Topaz in my right click context menu. Rebooted, Topaz no longer shows. I choose another app, drill down to Topaz and it opens the jpg. Now, Topaz shows once again in the initial context menu as in your screen grab. I try to open from that one and it once again opens the windows security scan instead of Topaz.

Please show the file you are clicking on and make sure it is a supported type. Screenshot of the icon you are right clicking on, and open the open with list to show.


I do not know how to take a screen shot of something which closes as soon as I open my snipping tool, but trust me when I tell you it’s just a jpg file that will open with Topaz Photo AI without issue if I open Topaz first, or drill down to “choose another program” from the context menu and select Topaz. I would blame Microsoft and my unreleased beta build, but no other program behaves this way in the context menu. I edit thousands of photos a year and this happens with any and all jpg image files I try to open via right click in the initially showing apps in the context menu but does not happen if I reselect topaz from the “choose another program” dialogue in the right click menu.


I appreciate you interest in helping me. I can right click and open any file with photos, Photoshop and any other app except for Topaz Photo AI which triggers a Windows Security issue. If I open Photo AI and then load the photo I have no issues. I’m going to give up on this and hope it fixes itself with the next Photo AI update. I hope someone from Topaz sees this and can figure out what might be causing the issue.

Thanks again,


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