Windows 11 and Topaz compatibility

Hi all,

Windows 11 is out. Does anyone know if the different programs are compatible with the new Windows? Want to make sure before I update.



I am running Topaz GigaPixel AI, VideoEnhance AI and Denoise AI on Windows 11 successfully here. Also upgrading to Windows 11 was quick done. All games and applications were still installed and worked as usual. The new Windows 11 GUI feels snappier too. :slightly_smiling_face:


And I installed Windows 11 and none of the Topaz programs work. At all. I re-installed all of them. Double click them to start - nothing happens.

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ICC Profile APIs are not working in Windows 11 at the moment, which affects EIZO ColorNavigator and various other programs. It is not possible for applications to retrieve the active monitor ICC profile.

Whether this impacts Topaz tools will depend on how they manage colour and determine the current monitor profile. Affected programs work, but display the wrong colours, EIZO monitors cannot be easily calibrated, mode switched or adjusted.

Its any different on performance in Windows 11 vs Windows 10 ?

I’ve seen no difference since I updated to Windows 11

no major differences. the gaming performance is on par with windows 10, but some experience it to me 1 % slower which sound negligible.

Hi Iam in the same position, none of my Topaz programs work. I have set the GPU to use the apps and done everything else I can think of. I have contacted support and still waiting for an update.

I did work with tech support and now everything works. What it took was replacing the dvi cable to my monitor with an HDMI cable. Why? Who knows. But it works.

Mine is on a Dell 7590(I think laptop). Glad you are OK now.