Windows 10 PC goes to sleep while processing (v3.0.12)


I was expecting my computer to stay awake while Topaz Video AI was processing, but it feel asleep after a while with no user input.

Is there a way the application can ask the OS to postpone/prevent sleep during processing?


Since Windows XP, sleep has caused more programs to fail than I care to remember. Usually needing a system restart to fix them. Why bother letting a computer sleep, when I’ll need to restart it when it wakes anyway? I usually disable it as one of the first things I do with a computer.

Though it would be nifty for a program to override the sleep behavior, it is more sure to cut it off at the source. Change your power plan to never sleep. You can still tell it to go to sleep whenever you want.


I’ve also had problems in the past with my system not recovering properly from sleep, but it’s been really solid for the last several years in my current configuration. I rarely power down my PC. I usually just manually put it to sleep when I step away, because I love how fast it comes back up. I also like having my system configured for auto sleep after an hour if I forget to sleep manually. So, for my system and use cases, it would be helpful for TVAI to have a feature of preventing auto sleep during processing.

It’s worth noting that TVAI resumed processing without issue after my computer woke up. The output looks fine. I’m very happy it can survive a sleep/wake cycle and resume work, although I would have preferred that sleep was deferred until processing was done.