Windows 10 or 11 to fix 25% cpu max

I have windows 10. In intel Extreme Tuning program it shows the cpu only using at a max 25% and just a few cores 5-8

I don’t want to move to windows 11. But what is going on. I have even paid for process lasso thinking it could push the program. But still nothing.

Please do not use profanities.

More context please. You’re asking about CPU usage on a forum about a program that mainly uses GPUs. Yes it can use only the CPU, but a beefy new CPU is days slower than even a 6 year old lower level GPU on this program.

I have 2x 3080 and a 12900k. I have it set to use the gpu but I find it very odd that the cpu is 12-23%. I used process lasso paid to disable all the e cores and I did see it jump to 30% and once in a blue moon to 40%

I find it odd that it does not use more cpu power or maybe it should and I am doing something wrong.

All models use some level of the CPU, but never all of it. That utilization percent is probably the work it’s doing to feed the GPUs and maybe encoding what they return. For example, if you convert a movie into images, then select them all and delete them, even though it’s the storage drive that has to do the deleting, you’ll still see a lot of increased CPU usage while the files are being deleted.