Win 10 install. Video enhance AI error

Having just installed Win 10 the accommodate VEAI I tried to run VideoEnhance AI.
I had an error as shown in the photo.

I re-dld the trial installer but it still gives the same error.

Can anyone help me with this, please?


that look like direct 3d
you probably need to update directx
you probably have a missing file
or you need to update your video card drivers

if you don’t have a video card and you are using integrated graphics card
then it might not be supported because it lacks some functionality that is require for the app to work

really hope you don’t have an old gpu

download dx and install it
also update your gpu drivers

uninstall the app and reinstall it

I knew this was going to be fun :frowning:

That missing file, if it’s the one shown, is there. I imagine it comes with the demo. Given that I have now downloaded the demo twice and installed twice, if it’s damaged, then something is seriously wrong.

I will upgrade directx…errrr…how do you update DirectX. I have version 12 and that’s all I can find

video card drivers are very recent

there are too many variables or things to consider since it shows d3d12.dll i guess that has to be from dx12, if the file is there then is not missing, the driver if they are recent just make sure they are the latest, is your video card dx12 ready? is if not software related then it has to be hardware related

my only suggestion left besides advise you to contact costumer support directly instead of asking in the forum, is to update windows

really hope you find the solution to the problem, the latest version is awesome

remove the app
delete the Topaz Labs LLC folder from program files

go to control panel
file folder options
go to view tab

click show hidden files and folder
click apply, ok

go to your user name folder
go to the app data folder
go to local

delete Topaz Labs LLC folder
hit back
go to roaming folder
delete Topaz Labs LLC folder

now install the app again

to restore the hidden files option
simply go back to control panel

file folder options
go to view tab
click restore defaults
apply ok

I know you are helping but WHAT??!!!. Uninstall and reinstall most of my Topaz programmes? Run around the computer hacking and I am sure finding some new disaster in the process.

I don’t buy programmes to sit there and hack.

I have been through the ringer installing Win 10, just for Video Enhance, and finding that I had to update and reinstall half my c: drive and now this?. I was only trialling Video Enhance anyway and this has taken me a day at least so far.

I guess I can live without Video Enhance and stay with stuff that works.

Run system file checker…at an elevated command prompt, type SFC /scannow

Sorry. I would if I could. It does not respond to run as admin (nothing does AFAICS). But I am marked as an admin and the only user under my account settings

Sounds like a virus or malware. If you can’t run SFC, you need to wipe and reload Windows.

Sorry. No way. Just too much trouble. This is for one programme. Not worth it. As I say I am just trialling it.

I am pretty virused up and this is a very new install of Win 10.

Well, you’ve definitely got a SERIOUS problem if you can’t even run SFC. There’s zero point in continuing to use it as such. Can’t tell some people anything though, and it’s always a “convenience” issue. It won’t be when you start losing valuable data or it just stops working at all.

Hi, if you haven’t lost the will to live yet, or fixed the issue, can I ask what antivirus you’re using? It just occurred to me that over-enthusiastic quarantining of files can cause both of the issues you’re seeing (missing/damaged file in Topaz, inability to run as admin). If you check the log for your AV, you may find that some files have been quaratined that are needed for normal running.

Or it may be something else altogether.

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OK. Yep. Worth a good look. I use Comodo and it can be very aggressive about quarantining.


Yah nailed it! I should have thought of it :angry:. It has happened before.

I ran the installation again and deliberately let it have free reign instead of being run inside whatever Comodo calls it cage, and it worked!

Then I tried it out. I am afraid that the app would need 10X the PC I am running to be viable. I asked to do maybe 5 mins of 50fps 1920x1080 video and it was predicting 6 hours to get it done. It was either 2.5 frames / second, or 2.5 secs/frame. Even guys with pretty powerful machines are saying that it is horrendously slow, taking 24-48 hours to process any sort of video.

Again, thanks to you guys who hung in against my frustrated dummy spits and I am sorry that the final result has not not worked anyway. The forum has been great and otherwise I love Topaz stuff. But I will stick to their still stuff for now.

my computer only takes 2 hours to convert a 50 minute episode to 1080p

OK. Interesting. What are your specs, please? Also are there any switches to be thrown. I know I got caught by not using the GPU on the video card. Made a huge difference.

You didn’t even mention the type of source you have, the model you used, the GPU and CPU you have…not much we can do to help without that.

I’ve just finished 4 episodes of Cold Lazarus, the Dennis Potter mini-series. They needed a bit of preliminary work, but the Topaz stage, using Artemis for a medium quality source, no audio, no cropping, MP4 output, took almost exactly 12 hours per episode. Each episode is 52 minutes. I don’t know of any special settings other than selecting GPU for the processor and adjusting the memory slider.

My PC is a modest spec: AMD Ryzen 5 3600, Nvidia1660 Super GPU, 16GB of DDR4 memory.

To be honest, I remember when it could easily take 20 hours to shrink a DVD movie down for storage on a PC, but we had no choice because hard drive sizes were measured in megabytes and writeable DVDs were off in the future. I’m pretty excited about what Topaz can do, slow or not, because for many of the movies and TV series I’m interested in, there simply are no HD recordings. For example, the Cold Lazarus series I mentioned is no longer being produced at all and when it was issued on DVD, the quality was poor.

Thanks for the reply.

I have been in contact with Topaz and they have confirmed that I have little or no hope of working with Topaz on my PC because it is so old and unable to deal.

I have gradually learned from here (a new thread by me) and Topaz that even if you use GPU, the app still uses some variable CPU and that is just going to bog down.

I have had a refund.


First, make sure your OS and drivers are up to date and that you’re running the latest version of Video Enhance AI. You can find the latest versions of our software on our Downloads Page. For Mac, you should be on at least 10.15 Catalina, and for Windows 10 you can find the latest release notes here.

For a more comprehensive guide on how to update your OS and drivers on Windows, see How to Update your Computer GPU and OS.

Once you are up to date, open Video Enhance AI and go to File → Preferences (Windows) Video Enhance AI → Preferences (Mac):



In the drop down menu you can choose your AI Processor. It is recommended you choose your most powerful installed GPU. For this computer, that would be the dedicated AMD card (this computer also has an integrated Intel card however it is not ideal for this application).

CPU processing is also available and while it is the most stable option, it will be significantly slower than GPU processing. You should only use this setting if you are experiencing crashing due to a lack of VRAM.

The Experimental All GPU setting is intended for users with multiple similar NVidia or AMD GPUs installed (it will not work for Intel GPUs). For example, if you have two NVidia RTX 2080 cards installed or one GTX 1070 and one RTX 2080, this setting is for you. If you have a dedicated GPU and an integrated Intel GPU, you should choose your dedicated GPU, the All GPUs setting may not work for you or perform more slowly.

For users with GPUs that have more 12GB of VRAM or more, we recommend running multiple instances of Video Enhance AI on the same GPU to maximize your VRAM. To do this on Windows, simply launch the app a second time. Unfortunately this is not available on Mac at this time.

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