Why several steps to enter forum from Studio?

If I am in studio and click on Forum at the top, I have to sign in. That takes me to my account and I have to look for a community button from there. Then there is a sign in page again. Admittedly when I click on this, I find I am already signed in.
However, why not just one step from Studio - ie one sign in from The Forum at top and you are now in the Forum?

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Because there is a single sign-in for all of Topaz Labs, not a separate forum signin.

I agree - I must sign-in at the Shop/Account Page - switch to the Forum - and sign-in (or at least click the Login Button) again :slight_smile:

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I see the same single sign-in on Adobe forums, ON1 forums and Capture One forums …

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This isn’t anything new. The old forums did it as well. The swapping of servers just forced everyone to have to login and new security settings don’t allow the session to stay inactive for as long. That all being said, this hiccup has always bugged me and I am testing a plugin for our website that will allow for more of that single sign on flow, hopefully returning you to where you wanted to go in the first place.

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It is even worse than that. If you login on one page and then try to go to another location on Topaz, you will often find that you need to log-in again. This is contrary to virtually every other web page, where you can open another tab and you are still logged in.

You need to provide an example where you are saying you need to login again. Most pages, where the login is required - such as Support and Shop, you just need to click on the link where you want to go and your login is then used.

It’s hard to give an example from memory, but if I come from GigaPix or another program that I am running, for the forum I need to login. When I do I find myself not in the forum, but the Topaz account page. I then try to go to the Forum, and now I am asked to login again. Then if I go anywhere on Topaz, for example to the pages for looking at the Downloads, and try to go back to Forum, I find that I need to login.

Select remember my login details then there will be no need to login as it will automatically log you in. Note that on the main website just click on where you want to go, but for the forum you will need to click the login button after you have logged in on the main website (only once).

Or, if you are doing it session by session, you will need to login each and every session but the same as above will happen during the session.

How many people need to say that they have similar problems before you are convinced that it is not sheer stupidity on our part?

Beta testing, according to my understanding is not supposed to be a Love Session, but in fact the goal is to find PROBLEMS and report them. We’re supposed to report bugs, errors, failures, confusing interfaces, so that the Topaz will become aware of them and hopefully fix them as soon as possible.
Fixing problems so that the release version is as error free, as easy to use, as compatible over lots of different machines as possible. That’s how a program ends up being EXCELLENT.

That’s how I view our job. If on occasion I praise the work, that’s ok too, but not nearly as important as complaining a lot, as loud as possible.


There is no need to take it out on me, I am not a Topaz employee but I don’t have the problems you have. Nuff said!

So, for everyone here I have surveyed the 5 forums I frequent …

  • Affinity, Phase One and Adobe need you to sign on twice , once for the main site and once for the forum so you cannot switch unless you are signed in to both.
    • Affinity Forum has a separate sign-in;
    • Adobe and Phase One have the same credentials but you need to sign in on both.
  • ON1 and Topaz Labs have a single sign in;
    • You sign in at the main site and if you want to use the forums you just click sign-in/login on the forum page without entering your credentials again.
    • You have access to all account activities, support etc. without having to sign in again.

For all Beta Testers your objective is to beta test software before it is released so I would advise you to be familiar with what a single sign-in offers. Note that before the Topaz Labs forums were upgraded to Discourse software we also had to login on both sites.

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