Why Is Video AI so slow on my system

I have a Ryzen 3950x and a 3090 as well as a 2080ti in my computer and I cannot believe how slow this software is. Its incredible that it even released and the new UI is just as bad. I can’t even tell if its working or what exactly it is doing. Which honestly I could live with but the fact that its so slow to me is unacceptable. At this price point and with my computer specs I don’t see why I would use this software over the older software. This isn’t an upgrade. It’s clearly a cash grab scheme of some kind. Everybody who works for them probably knows it and can’t say anything. It’s not an upgrade in any sense of the word. Can anyone tell me what features were added or how the software improved? Keep the marketing buzz words to yourself though

artemis hight and medium denoise better for me while keeping a little more detail :slight_smile: