Why do I need gigapixel when I have photo AI

I have recently renewed my license to Topaz photo AI, and now I am being told I have to pay another $99 US to renew my gigapixel license. Why? Does gigapixel to things that topaz photo AI can’t do?

While Topaz Photo AI does combine the capabilities of upscaling, sharpening, and noise reduction like the individual apps under one UI, our users have reported that many still enjoy using the single apps as well since they do have some features that perform a little differently.

With that being said, if you own Topaz Photo AI, you may also find that you don’t need the individual purpose-built apps, and that’s okay too. Ultimately it’s a personal choice if you’d like to have the individual programs as well.

I will note that many of the new updates to Gigapixel are built on the Topaz Photo AI interface and has been released in order to allow more users of all photographic backgrounds to access this wonderful technology.

More information:

Topaz Labs | Photo AI

Topaz Labs | Gigapixel

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My other question is if I already paid my annual update fee, why must I pay another $99 to update my gigapixel application?

Thank you for your original response.


The Update Fee you paid was for the Photo AI program exclusively, thus not including the GigaPixel AI program (if I understand your question correctly)