Why did Version 4.0 lose so many great features compared to 3.0?


so i bought this great program when i tried it with Version 3, i think 3.6, and downloaded 4.0.

I’m now at Version 4.0 and although it has some enhancements, i really wonder why there is no Project Save state or Auto Reload Last Project or add Audio to preview?

I mean … the comparison feature is great and all, but this really is missing a lot.

Do i need to go back to 3.6 although i paid for 4?

I’m confused about this changes, or am i overlooking something?

Sometimes i turn off processing or even turn off my PC, and i have to search for where to start processing again, even reload my old video first, when in 3.6 you started the program, clicked load last state and just click Export again.

I saw other Threads with this Topic, but i wanted to push it again.

I don’t think that was ever a feature of TVAI 3, But please prove me wrong!

There never was a version 3.6 and VEAI most certainly never had “Load last state”

True, I miss so much the crop feature.


Crop is available in the Video Options menu

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Bruh… true, sorry. I never realized it was there. Is that in previous versions that button used to be in another place (under the preview iirc), so I thought they just removed it. Thanks, indeed, it’s actually there xD

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Well, with the latest update, i guess my topic is obsolete, sorry and thanks to Topaz for listening to me / us or even having this in development already.
Amazing new Version 5!