Why can't I use Video AI anymore after end of upgrade-plan

in the help its written:
Can I Still Use My Program If I Don’t Buy Upgrades?

Yes! Your user license gives you access to any version of the program you own. If you decide not to buy future updates to your program after your initial upgrade license expires, you can continue to use your program. If and when you decide that new features of our programs are worth having, you can buy a new 12 month upgrade license at that time.

If I export a video after processing, the video just shows a Topaz Logo.
What went wrong
Thanks in advance

Reinstall the last update that came out before your license expired?
Here’s the previous update page. It has the download link in the first post.
If you need an older one than that, look under the releases category.

I have the version 3.0 from October '22 and my license expired on Nov 23th 2022.
I reinstalled the version 3.0, but ist only says “Error. License expired on 22-11-23”.
I don’t know what to do.

Email support. It’s the little chat icon in the bottom right corner of any Topaz web page that’s not these forums.

Had the same Issue. Was on a 3.1.x Version now I can just install 3.0.x, after my Plan expires. Very annoying. I understand, that I don’t get any NEW updates after a given time, but revoke a version that used to work with my licence is kind of borderline fraud.

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